American Island Story

The world of fishing and the global warming phenomenon drastically affect the lives of fish surrounding the amazing beaches and islands of the United States.In 1982, the islands formed together to protect the fish and primarily the rarest of them all, the swordfish, which over the last few years is in danger of extinction.

The swordfish lives in a depth of approximately 800 meters and its length reaches approximately 4 meters in adulthood. The fish, who lives with its sword (literally) became a symbol for the struggle of fish life in the U.S. isles.

In 1991, some of the non – profit organization fighting the illegal fishing led to the establishment of the brand American Island for the purposes of the continuation of the financing of their struggle.

Each year the brand sets aside part of the income of the non – profit organization fighting for the protection of nature and the environment primarily in the states of the U.S.A.

Due to the foundations of justice of the struggle, the management of the brand decided to ensure the manufacturing of its products solely by organic and environment friendly materials.

We are glad that you selected to take part in preserving the planet and we hope that together we can transform our world to a nicer and better place.

Each of American Island products has a tag attached to it, which symbolizes the Islands’ struggle. We do this in order to spread the awareness to our just activities.